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    Freddie Shelton is a senior at Elkins High School who has been deeply involved with many extracurriculars, including the Elkins Band, Spanish National Honor Society, English National Honor Society and Science National Honor Society. Having won several awards in UIL, Freddie is also a co-founding officer of the Elkins Round Table, the official newspaper of Elkins. In his tenure under the GT Mentorship program, Freddie balanced a dual mentorship in which he statistically evaluated psychological tests, evaluated blind cases, participated in writing up mental health treatment plans, learned how to determine diagnosis, and learned how to conduct psychological evaluations. He worked alongside acclaimed and accredited psychologists and social workers, gaining insight into both the scientific, pragmatic approach to psychology, as well as the progressive, personalized approach to psychology. In fall 2021, Freddie will be attending University at Albany to study psychology. Freddie believes that with the skills acquired from his mentorships, he can better tackle internships and gain job opportunities during college— he has already been accepted into the school’s Leadership and Service Academy. He plans on becoming a clinical therapist, and is hoping to be very active within his community socially and politically. 

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    Harpreet Kaur, LCSW

    Kemi Johnson



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    HK Counseling Services - My passion is to work collaboratively with my clients to help, guide, and empower each one to reach the fullest potential possible in living a fulfilling life. During my professional career, I quickly understood that everyone is unique and each case requires an individualized based therapeutic approach, irrespective of the issues/problems presented. I found myself relying on a variety of theoretical models in tailoring my interventions to the specific needs of my clients.

    Project Abstract


    As society has spent the majority of the past year aiming to diminish the biological and socioeconomic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the negative impact of the pandemic on the psychology sector is not nearly as widely known. Psychological facilities commonly found themselves understaffed due to a flood in younger clients. This is likely linked to the fact that Millennials and Generation Z were more commonly reported to experience negative psychological effects during quarantine when compared to older generations. The negative psychological implications of quarantine, such as chronic loneliness, or extreme feelings of helplessness and uncertainty, may potentially continue to negatively affect the academic, social, and economic performance of students as they advance throughout high school or venture off to college. 

    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the extent to which the general student body within Fort Bend ISD felt their mental health had declined during the pandemic. A simple random sample of 377 students answered a survey that consisted of two industry-standard mental health assessments: the GAD-7 (General Anxiety Disorder-7), screening for anxiety, and the PHQ-9 (Patient Health Questionnaire), screening for depression. The study revealed that most students surveyed felt their mental health had declined during the course of the pandemic. The results also indicated that the average Fort Bend ISD student currently exhibits symptoms of moderate depression and mild anxiety. 

    The results of this study emphasize the need for students and staff to work together to collaboratively foster an environment in which students, teachers, and staff are engaged in not only learning their arithmetic and writing skills but also learning to become better members of society.