Matter of Fact

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    Fort Bend ISD has created this webpage to share facts about Fort Bend ISD, and emerging issues and topics of conversation within the District. 

    We know questions arise from time to time, and we strive to provide accurate, timely information. As a reminder, Fort Bend ISD has many ways to stay connected. Please continue to visit the Fort Bend ISD website for up-to-date information about Fort Bend ISD. You can also visit our social media channels, and submit any questions, concerns or feedback via Let's Talk.

Key Issues

    • Blue Ridge Elementary: Rumor of the closure of BRE is false  
    • Hunters Glen Early Literacy Center: Opening postponed for one year
    • Setting the Record Straight: Award of Legal Fees to Fort Bend ISD (Posted January 2020)
    • EIC Local - Board Approved Policy Changes to EIC Local regarding Class Rank 
    • Title I Funding - Information about Title I funding, specifically within the Marshall High School feeder pattern.
    • Boundary Planning - Information about 2019 boundary planning process, including adopted boundaries for Malala Yousafzai Elementary and the decision to delay high school boundary changes and accelerate the construction of High School 12.
    • Discovery of historic cemetery -- Information about the discovery of a historic cemetery at the James Reese Career and Technical Center.
    • Teacher Vacancies and Substitutes- Information about how Fort Bend ISD works to recruit, retain and grow the very best educators for our students.