25th Anniversary Donors

  • Visionary
    The George Foundation
    Toll Brothers

    Fluor Foundation

    Chef's Produce
    The Grainger Foundation
    USA Fit

    Comerica Bank
    HEB Tournament of Champions
    Indo American Forum of Fort Bend
    The Johnson Companies, LTD
    Noble Drilling
    Mr. and Mrs. Andy Ralph
    Wynn & Mary Geiger Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Golden
    Mr. and Mrs. John Wantuch

    BAPS Charities
    Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Halford
    Mr. and Mrs. Claude Leatherwood
    Dr. Lori Molina
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Porter
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sabouni
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schmitt
    Mr. and Mrs. Dan Smith
    Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Stein
    Thompson & Horton, LLP
    Dr. and Mrs. Frazier Wilson

    Achieve Fort Bend
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Alberty
    Bartlett Cocke General Contractors
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Barton
    Dr. and Mrs. Subodh Bhuchar
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bohnsack
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cabble
    Ms. Sue Chiang
    Drymalla Construction Company
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles Dupre
    Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Fessler
    Ms. Terri Gorney
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Horak
    Mr. and Mrs. Allen Houck
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hrebenar
    Mr. Allen Jackson
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Jackson
    Mr. and Mrs. Chetan Jhaveri
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Kraynek
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mosley
    Mr. John Novak
    Mr. and Mrs. John Null
    Mr. and Mrs. Rick Pal
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Patton
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schiff
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Shiller
    Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wang

    Friend of the Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Ron Bailey
    Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Bynes
    Ms. Brenna Cosby
    Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Dawson
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dunn
    Ms. Carol Evans
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fernelius
    Mr. and Mrs. Don Gill
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gonzales
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hill
    Mr. Allan Holley
    Mr. and Mrs. Brad James
    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Kamla
    Dr. and Mrs. Faisal Khan
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kulhanek
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Maddox
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Marth
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Petras
    Mr. Long Pham
    Mr. and Mrs. Albert Quiroga
    Mr. and Mrs. Les Saunders
    Mr. Prashant Tailor
    Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Tassin

25th Anniversary Campaign
Grants In Action

    Adopt a New Teacher

    First year teachers just starting their career often begin with a blank classroom. The Adopt a New Teacher gift from the Education Foundation will automatically provide funds to New Teachers needing to outfit their classrooms. All contributions to the Adopt a New Teacher Fund are dedicated to those New Teacher Gifts.  The Foundation offers from 250 to 350 New Teacher Gifts each year.


    $25 Gift

    Lights and Sounds Buzzers     Lights and Sounds Buzzers with Kids
    Your gift of $25 could be used to purchase the Lights and Sounds Buzzer Set.  A great way to boost student response during any class activity or game!


    $50 Gift

    Time Tracker   
    Your gift of $50 could be used to purchase the Time Tracker.  This unique timer's light and sound cues help to keep the whole class on track!

    $100 Gift

    Lights and Sounds Buzzer Set    Time Tracker        No Yell Bell
    Your gift of $100 could be used to purchase the Lights and Sounds Buzzer Set, the Time Tracker, and the No Yell Bell.  The No Yell Bell is great for signaling the beginning or end of an activity with its seven fun sound effects. 

    $150 Gift

    Calendar and Weather Pocket Chart    Whiteboard Storage Pocket    Seat Pocket Storage
    Your gift of $150 could be used to purchase the Calendar & Weather Pocket Chart, the Whiteboard Storage Pocket, and enough Seat Pocket Storage units for a whole class!  Terrific for helping keep the classroom organized.