• Grant Programs
    The Education Foundation offers four types of grants each school year, including: Grants to Teachers and Schools, Founders Grants, New Teacher Gifts and Professional Development Grants. Read information about each grant type below. Then access the Online Grant Application and apply now.


    Grants to Teachers and Schools
    Applications Now Open - Deadline January 25, 2024  

    View the Teacher, Team and School Site Application Guidelines and the Online Grant Application Instructions before applying for a grant.

    1. Grants to Teachers
    Purpose: to enhance, promote and augment classroom instruction in areas not allotted in regular budgetary funds or not eligible for reimbursement from other sources

    Amount of Award: $500 to $1,500 dollars

    Funding Period(s): One funding period will occur in the fall semester.


    • Complete an application form.
    • Provide all requested information.
    • Demonstrate specific need(s).
    • Present a creative and/or innovative approach.
    • Impacts the students and enhances the quality of education.

    2. School Site Grants
    Purpose: to allow staff on each campus to identify and address needs, challenges and concerns unique to the campus. The identified area(s) would reflect the school’s mission, statement or philosophy, or campus improvement plan

    Amount of Award:

    • $2,000 per elementary campus maximum; must benefit the entire campus
    • $5,000 per secondary campus maximum; must benefit the entire grade level, curriculum area, faculty or campus
    • There is no limit to the number of site grants that may be submitted, however, a maximum of 3 per campus will be awarded.

    Funding Period: One funding period will occur in the fall semester.


    • Programs must be related to goals cited in campus/district plan of action.
    • Programs should have potential for duplication on other campuses.

    View Principal Approval Instructions.


    Founders Grant

    Applications are due November 30, 2023.

    Purpose: to identify and fund unique, transformative, sustainable programs for a school site or department that is deemed more effective and timely if funded at a higher level

    Funds will not be awarded for capital improvements or programs that emphasize improving standardized test scores. It is the expectation that the grant be for programs that are exceptionally creative and innovative which, if awarded, will significantly enhance the educational experience for FBISD students.

    The selection criteria will be more rigorous and, based on the merit of the application and in competition with other applications; a Founders Grant may or may not be awarded in a given year. Along with the application, the site principal or one-up level in a department will need to write a letter of support for implementation and this should be uploaded into your application.

    Amount of Award: Up to $20,000

    Grant Cycle: Grant applications will occur in two phases.

    • November – Applications due
    • January – Notification notice will go out declining your application or inviting you to the presentation phase.
    • February/March – Selected applicants will be invited by the Founders Grant Committee to present and defend their project. The interview may include FBISD guest content experts to aid the Committee in final selection.
    • Late April – Notification letters will go out.
    • May – Grant Awards Ceremony
    • This program will include a post-implementation evaluation/impact report.

    Distribution of Funds:

    • Funds will be distributed and coordinated by the Business and Finance Office of FBISD.
    • Funds will not be awarded for stipends or out of town travel.

    View Founders Grant Application Guidelines


    New Teacher Gifts 
    First year teachers, starting a teaching career with zero years teaching experience, will automatically receive a gift from the Education Foundation as part of the New Teacher Grants Program. 

    Professional Development 
    The Fort Bend Education Foundation partners with FBISD's Professional Development Department to fund nationally recognized speakers in a broad range of educational fields on staff development days.

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