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          • Fort Bend ISD At-Home Learning Webpage


            Parents and families can access educational resources and activities to engage in learning while at home. There are a variety of resources that have been identified for instruction at all levels PreK - 12, and this website will continue to be updated in the coming weeks. These resources provide an opportunity for parents to support their students in continued learning as we prepare to launch online learning. Please access it through this link: Fort Bend ISD At-Home Learning Webpage


            El Distrito Independiente de Fort Bend se complace en anunciarles el lanzamiento de la página red Aprendiendo En Casa, dónde los padres y familias tienen acceso a recursos y actividades educacionales para seguir fomentando la enseñanza mientras están en casa. Hay una variedad de recursos que han sido identificados para la instrucción de todos los niveles del Pre-K – 12, y seguiremos actualizando este sitio en la red durante las próximas semanas. Estos recursos proporcionan una oportunidad para que los padres apoyen a sus alumnos en el aprendizaje continuo mientras preparamos el lanzamiento de la instrucción en línea. Puede accederlo presionando el enlace a continuacion: Distrito Independiente de Fort Bend Aprendiendo En Casa

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          2018 Bond @ AE

          • 2018 Bond  

            November 6, 2018

            2018 Bond Total: $992.6 million

            Total amount allocated for Armstrong Elementary: $449,989*

            Armstrong Bond Projects include: 

            Site Enhancements

            • Site Drainage Improvement

            Building Systems / Life-Cycle

            • Exterior Waterproofing
            • Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment
            • Electrical Upgrades and Surge Protection

            Life Safety & Security

            • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring System

            Facility Equity & Access

            • Drinking Fountains with Bottle Filler

            *This amount includes costs associated with architectural, engineering, financing, and legal fees, and other pre- and post-construction expenses.


            For more information, visit www.fortbendisd.com/bond

            Printable PDF available on Bond webpage.

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          •  A Fort Bend ISD Graduate has
            a rigorous academic foundation,
            strong character, and is...


                Equipped with Skills for Life      ...equipped with skills for life.


                Servant Leader      ...a servant leader.


                Effective Communicator      ...an effective communicator.


                 Critical Thinker        ...a critical thinker.


                Compassionate Citizen      ...a compassionate citizen.


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