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Menu and Nutritional Information

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District Breakfast Menu - ALL LEVELS (Aug/Sept 2017) - TBA
Elementary Lunch Menu (Aug/Sept 2017) - TBA
Middle School Lunch Menu (Aug/Sept 2017) - TBA
High school lunch menus vary by signature lines on each campus
District Breakfast Nutrients/Allergens (Week of 8/21/17) - TBA
Elementary Lunch Nutrients/Allergens (Week of 8/21/17) - TBA 
Middle Lunch Nutrients/Allergens (Week of 8/21/17) - TBA
The Fort Bend ISD Child Nutrition Department offers a variety of food items that meet the needs of our diverse student and adult population. Breakfast and lunch use a traditional menu pattern planning system, which meets our department’s nutrition goals and adheres to USDA and the Texas Administration Code regulations. For additional information, please go to the Texas Department of Agriculture or Squaremeals.
The Child Nutrition Department is committed to meeting or exceeding all recommended nutritional requirements as defined by the USDA and the TDA. We have also taken the necessary steps to ensure all students in our school system have meals that support healthy eating habits.

Examples of our practices that ensure we are complying with the new guidelines are:
  • No deep fat frying (Broil and Bake only) 
  • Increased use of whole grain Pasta and Bread Products 
  • Servings of a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables 
  • Use of Low Fat Milk only 
  • Use of reduced fat cheese 
  • Increased offerings of Vegetarian/Meatless food items 
  • Meals do not exceed recommended calories, sodium and fat allowance