• Fort Bend ISD believes that all children can learn. We are committed to providing dyslexia services across all FBISD campuses, with our educators trained in the Orton-Gillingham program. We understand that individuals with dyslexia can achieve success in reading and writing when given the appropriate support and instruction.

    It's important to note that not all reading difficulties are necessarily dyslexia. Therefore, FBISD follows a specific procedure to accurately identify and offer the right instruction for students who struggle with reading:

    This process ensures that students with reading difficulties receive the appropriate evaluation and support tailored to their specific needs, helping them achieve success in their academic journey.

    Detailed information regarding a Dyslexia evaluation can be found in Section 1A and Section 1B in the 2022-2023 Special Education Administrative Procedures.

    FBISD is currently working to coordinate dyslexia efforts in line with the requirements of HB 3928.

    • Evaluate students with dyslexia through the Special Education framework to ensure comprehensive assessment.
    • Identify dyslexia as a Specific Learning disability that requires Specially Designed Instruction, acknowledging the individual needs of students with dyslexia.
    • Deliver Specially Designed Instruction through certified Special Education teachers, ensuring specialized support.
    • Provide ongoing training for evaluation staff to enhance their knowledge and proficiency in identifying and addressing dyslexia, promoting effective implementation of Texas House Bill 3928.


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