• Fort Bend ISD believes that all children can learn. We provide dyslexia services at all FBISD campuses through teachers who have been trained in an Orton-Gillingham program. Individuals with dyslexia can learn how to read and write with adequate support systems and proper instruction.


    Not all reading problems are dyslexia. Therefore, to correctly identify and provide appropriate instruction to students who struggle with reading, the following procedure is used in FBISD:


    • Requests for dyslexia evaluations are conducted under the IDEA process. An evaluation team member will contact the parent to explain the evaluation process and schedule a meeting to begin the evaluation process.
    • A meeting will be conducted to obtain consent for testing through Special Education. A Special Education evaluation can be denied. In this case, consent for 504 dyslexia evaluation can be obtained after the Special Education evaluation denial.

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