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          • DCMS VISION


            Be Excellent on Purpose                           

            Respect and Embrace Diversity                     

            Achieve Self-Efficacy                                       

            Nurture a Growth Mindset                               

            Develop Grit to Reach Potential


            DCMS MISSION

            The learning community of David Crockett Middle School provides opportunities to empower students to reach their highest potential.


            DCMS VALUES



          2018 Bond @ DCMS

          • 2018 Bond  

            November 6, 2018

            2018 Bond Total: $992.6 million

            Total amount allocated for Crockett Middle School: $1,700,915*

            DCMS Bond Projects include: 

            Facility Equity & Access

            • Lift at Stage for Improved Access

            Fine Arts

            • Improvements at Stage

            Building Systems / Life-Cycle

            • Exterior Cleaning
            • Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment
            • Exhaust System Improvements
            • Electrical Upgrades and Surge Protection

            Life Safety & Security

            • New carbon monoxide monitoring system

            Physical Education & Athletics

            • Track and Field Improvements
            • Scoreboards at Gymnasium

            *This amount includes costs associated with architectural, engineering, financing, and legal fees, and other pre- and post-construction expenses.


            For more information, visit www.fortbendisd.com/bond

            Printable PDF available on Bond webpage.

          FBISD's Profile of a Graduate

          •  A Fort Bend ISD Graduate has
            a rigorous academic foundation,
            strong character, and is...


                Equipped with Skills for Life      ...equipped with skills for life.


                Servant Leader      ...a servant leader.


                Effective Communicator      ...an effective communicator.


                 Critical Thinker        ...a critical thinker.


                Compassionate Citizen      ...a compassionate citizen.


                Collaborative Team Member      ...a collaborative team member.


                Life-long Learner      ...a life-long learner.


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