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    About Schoology

    Schoology (pronounced /skoo-luh-jee/) is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by Fort Bend ISD students.

    It offers teachers and students multiple avenues for collaboration, communication, assessment, submitting assignments and discussion boards.  For more on Schoology and the idea of a Learning Management System, please view the following video.


    Parent Access to Schoology

    Parent access allows for a "view only" approach to the course content.   Parents will be able to view any assignments, discussions, completed assessments, calendar updates, or content that is shared by their child's teachers.  Schoology also enhances teacher and parent communication by allowing direct contact (or communication) through the platform.

    Though teachers may take some grades in Schoology through submitted assignments or assessments, Skyward will still be the official record for grades.


    Parent Access to Schoology Job Aids

    Please note - The procedure for setting up your Schoology account has you navigating through the "forgot password" process.  Since the account is drawn from your Skyward Family Access information using the "forgot password" option is the quickest and most efficient means for parents to access their username, password and account.   In addition, if you have students at multiple schools within Fort Bend ISD you will see each child within your Schoology account but the usage may vary based on the campus and teachers.


    Overview of Steps to Access Schoology

    Step 1: Have a Skyward Family Access Account.  (If you don't have an account you will need to create one through the district's Family Access site.)

    Step 2: Go to Schoology Login 

    Step 3: Follow the "Accessing Schoology for the First Time" job aid video or document


    Please click on the video thumbnail or support links below.

    Support Videos


    Support Documents

       Accessing Schoology for the First Time


    Navigation and Parent Notification

    Setting up notifications and learning how to navigate within the platform will make your experience within Schoology better. 

    • Directions for general navigation of Schoology may be found at the Schoology Navigation Website.  There is also additional information that can be found on the Schoology website.  The Parent View vs. Student View webpage shows the difference between views while in the system.
    • Setting up notifications and receiving a Parent Email Digest may be found on the Schoology Parent Digest Page.  This feature allows you to select when you want to be notified about activity within your child's account.  A sample of the email digest may be found towards the bottom of the page.  The system will not send out any notificiation until it is turned on by a user.

     We encourage you to sit down with your child and have them share features used in their class so you will better understand how Schoology is a part of your child's learning.


    Student Access and Support with Schoology

    Students may login to Schoology using their district Microsoft 365 email and network password.  This information was provided to your student through their teacher at the beginning of the year and is also avaiable under "Student Information" in Family Access.

    Accessing Students Archived Courses - This is a job aid to help find course materials that may be archived from previous years or grading periods.

Schoology Parent Support

  • For issues related to Parent Access and Username/Password please contact the district's technical support.

    For Student Access and Username/Password please click on the following link for Instructions for Family Access–Student Password Information and follow the instructions to obtain the Username and Password for your student.

    Support Hours and Contact Information:

    Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30AM - 5:00PM

    Phone: 281-634-1300