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          • Dear SCE Community,


            Be the voice your community needs by serving on a FBISD Community Advisory Team (CAT). The Fort Bend ISD (FBISD) Department of Collaborative Communities is creating CATs to provide guidance on the diverse needs of each feeder pattern across the District. 


            The CATs will discuss and seek feedback on key topics that align with District goals and objectives. CATs will also serve in an advisory capacity to help identify gaps in resources needed to support student learning and development and inform the District’s strategic efforts to address student and community needs.


            If you are interested in serving on a Community Advisory Team, please apply using the following link(s):  FBISD Community Advisory Teams Application




            Applications are open now through April 30.

            If you have any questions, please reach out to the Department of Collaborative Communities at CollaborativeCommunities@fortbendisd.com




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          • Substitutes Needed

            Substitutes Needed



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          • Bring and Purchase Lunch Information

            Students have the option of bringing their own lunch to school or purchasing their own lunch daily. Out of an abundance of caution while the District operates under pandemic operating procedures, no outside food (pre-packaged or homemade) for students may be brought into schools by delivery from parent/guardian or external vendors. This also includes no outside food for class birthday celebrations (i.e. cupcakes, cookies, etc.).  Cross-contamination and the possibility of a person touching another person’s portion is too great of a risk regarding the spread of Covid-19. If a student forgets their lunch at home, they may receive a meal from the cafeteria. These will be free of charge through December. Beginning in January, students will be allowed to charge the meal to their account. Visitors will not be allowed to eat meals with students on campus.



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          • SCE Schedule


            SCE Schedule



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          • Face to Face Student Return Procedures


            Term 4 Return


            Update from the Nurse


            Clinic Flow For Student Reporting



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          • Dear Parents/guardians,

            A Registered Nurse is assigned to each elementary school campus in Fort Bend Independent School District.  The school clinic is available to assist with the medical/health needs of each student.  Please read the procedures and guidelines which follow:


            When a student feels ill or is injured at school and needs to see the nurse, he or she must get a pass from the teacher who is sending the student to the clinic.  If the student goes to the clinic between classes or during a lunch period, he/she must get a pass from a teacher on duty or his/her next period teacher (Secondary Students only) Exceptions are for sudden illness and serious injury.

            The student will be signed in upon arrival to the clinic.  When leaving, the student must get the signed pass back from the nurse showing the time he/she left the clinic.  Students with any COVID-19 symptoms will be immediately sent to our Care room where I will assess them and follow FBISD policy.

            First aid will be administered when needed.  A parent/guardian will be notified if a student is unable to remain at school or if an emergency arises requiring that he/she be taken to a medical facility.  If a student must be transferred to an emergency facility before you arrive, a representative from the school will remain with the student until your designated person arrives.

            It is required that illness/injury occurring at home be taken care of at home and that students do not go directly to the clinic upon arrival to school.


            All medications (prescription and non-prescription) must be furnished by the parent/guardian and appropriate medication administration forms must be completed by the parent/guardian.  Medication must be delivered to the clinic by the parent/guardian in the original and properly labeled container and picked up by the parent/guardian.  Another responsible adult, who has been designated by the parent/guardian in writing, is also authorized to pick up medication.  The nurse and/or clinic assistant will administer all medications in the clinic with the exception of students who are required by their physician to carry emergency medications with them at all times including asthma inhalers or auto injectable epinephrine.  In those situations, the doctor must provide written order to the school on the Fort Bend ISD approved order forms.

            Medication administration requests for prescription medication or medication given greater than 15 school days must have the signature/directions of the physician.  For prescription medications that are left at school, a second labeled container can be obtained from your pharmacy.  When medication is discontinued, it must be picked up by the parent/guardian.

            Returning to school after illness or injury

            When returning to school after an absence, the student must bring a note from the parent/guardian explaining the absence.  Students who must show a physician’s release to re-enter school must take the completed form to the school nurse before going to class.

            Temporary Disabilities

            Any student who needs assistance with getting around the campus must bring a note from the parent/guardian or a physician’s statement describing ability/modifications needed and for how long.  Five minute passes may be issued to assist injured/disabled students in crowded hallways.  Physical education/recess exemptions will be given at the parent’s request for one week only when indicated.  PE/recess exemptions for periods longer than a week require a M.D. note.


            The FBISD school health coordinator, Maria Johnson, will be recording a presentation regarding COVID-19 campus policies and procedures.  These policies and procedures will be district wide.   It will be shared with parents as soon as it is made available!

            *** If you have specific concerns about your child and any health conditions they have, I would love to speak with you regarding them.  Never hesitate to call or email me with questions.  If your child will require medication during the school day (scheduled or as needed), please call or email me to set up a time to drop off the medication.

            Please save the clinic numbers in your phones so you will know when the clinic is trying to reach you regarding your child!

            Nurse Rachel   281-634-3686

            Clinic Aide, Mrs. Vilma Andrews 281-634-3678



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          • 2020-2021 School Supply List

            All items are for online and face-to-face learning. 

            Link: Elementary School Supply List



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          • 2020-2021 Immunization Requirements

            SCE parents/guardians,

            The Texas Department of Health Services has updated their immunization requirements for the 2020-2021 school year.


            *Student’s must have their shots up-to-date, in process, or have a valid exemption on file for when school starts in the fall REGARDLESS if the student is in a virtual learning environment or on campus.  Because this is a Texas law, students will not be able to begin the school year without these immunization requirements.

            Attached is the minimum immunization requirements for K-12.

            2020-2021 Immunization Requirements

            Please note that there could be a delay getting a conscientious objection for immunizations due to COVID-19.

            Parents- you can email your updated immunization records to Nurse Saunders at the email below.  Please note - you only need to provide new immunization records if you are a new enrollee or if you have received any new shots since the start of the 19-20 school year.



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          • Attendance Notes

            Was your student absent? Do you need to submit their excuse note? Do you have any questions regarding attendance? Please click here to send the note or your inquiry electronically: AttendanceSCE@fortbendisd.com

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