Profile of a Graduate

  • A Fort Bend ISD Graduate has a rigorous academic foundation, strong character, and is...

  • mountain with flag on top   ...equipped with skills for life.

    Fort Bend ISD graduates exhibit grit and determination in all aspects of life; respect self and others; engage in healthy life choices; are literate and articulate; proficient with technology; and meaningfully and practically apply knowledge in productive ways.

    servant leader   ...a servant leader.

    Fort Bend ISD graduates demonstrate confidence while maintaining a humble and kind demeanor; prioritizing the needs of others while accepting responsibility for themselves and are accountable for their own actions; are optimistic; and strive to bring out the best in others.

    conversation bubles effective communicator.

    Fort Bend ISD graduates communicate clearly both orally and in writing; respectfully and actively listen to others; appropriately engage in courageous conversations; and appropriately adapt their communication style to the audience.

    lightbulb ...a critical thinker.

    Fort Bend ISD graduates are visionary and solutions-oriented problem solvers; are inquisitive and innovative; and have the courage to actively challenge conventional methods in order to improve themselves and the world around them.

    hand holding heart   ...a compassionate citizen.

    Fort Bend ISD graduates are empathetic to their fellow citizens, exhibiting care and concern for others; are inclusive and embrace differences; are culturally aware; actively engage in improving our diverse community; exercise their right to vote; and are dependable, respectful, trustworthy, and self-disciplined.

    shaking hands ...a collaborative team member.

    Fort Bend ISD graduates work effectively with others to achieve group goals; take actions that respect the needs and contributions of others; yield their own objectives to the goals of the team; and positively facilitate and contribute to teamwork.

    diploma   ...a life-long learner.

    Fort Bend ISD graduates approach life with wonder and curiosity; seek opportunities to be creative; possess a thirst for knowledge and the ability to adapt to change; and are academically prepared to pursue and attain futures beyond what they can imagine!