• Food trucks are fun, right?  Yes!  We have exciting news! We've developed a NEW online process to register food trucks so they can participate in your campus activities and fundraisers. Take a sneak peak at the new online form!

    What are the rules?

    Check out our guidelines for using food trucks at FBISD activities and fundraisers.

    What are the steps for food truck use?

    Take these few simple steps to have a food truck at an event or fundraiser.

    How does an interested food truck owner register their food truck with the district?

    Complete the Food Truck application by clicking on the linked text or the link below. Once application is completed and all required documents are signed and uploaded, you will be directed to the payment portal. Follow the instructions listed there for you.

    Where can I find the registered vendor's list?

    You can access the approved vendor list via the link below. If the food truck vendors' permit(s) or insurance expires, they will be removed from the main list until they are in compliance. 


    What if my food truck is not on the list or is listed as pending approval?

    You may still have an opportunity to have the food truck you desire. If the food truck is already on the list, email foodtrucks@fortbendisd.com and include the name of the food truck that you want to confirm and the date that you would like to have them participate in your event. If the food truck is not on the list, you can let the food truck know they can complete the food truck application to get on the registered list.  

Having an Event with Food Trucks?

  • If you have invited food trucks to your campus or facility let us know.

    Invited Food Trucks

Online Application for Approved Food Truck Vendor List

  • If you would like to participate in FBISD events that you've been invited to attend, you must register your food truck by clicking on the link below. Your application will be processed once all required documentation has been received.

    Food Truck Vendor Application    


    FBISD Food Truck Vendor Application