Learning Support Services

  • Teacher and students  

    The Learning Support Services Department provides leadership in the programs and services which support the academic and emotional development of all students. Our greatest potential for success lies in our cooperative and collaborative efforts with other departments, campuses, parents, students, and community organizations to meet the individual needs of all students.

    Programs facilitated by the Learning Support Services Department include: 
    • CHAMPS and Foundations
    • Dyslexia Services
    • Health Services
    • RTI Supervision and Oversight
    • Section 504
    • Summer School 

    If you or a student is in need of assistance, please feel free to contact a member of the Learning Support Services Department for help on your campus.



Contact Us

Michael D. Ewing
Director of Learning Support Services
(281) 634-1131  
Lisa Watson
Executive Assistant
(281) 634-1131  
Jo Trahan
Administrative Assistant
(281) 634-1141  
Diana Barton
Coordinator of Health Services
(281) 634-1228  
She'Nee Young
Learning Support Services Coordinator
(281) 634-0848  
Ronje Gonzales
Dyslexia Coordinator
(281) 634-1242