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    In an effort to develop a strategy that focuses on parent outreach and community partnerships in order to equip our youngest students and their families with early literacy skills outside of the traditional school environment, the Literacy Department is sponsoring the Fort Bend Reads initiative.


    Our goal is to increase the early literacy skills students are developing outside of school time in listening, speaking, reading, and writing while also addressing the needs that parents have expressed regarding ways to engage in literacy development at home through access to more reading materials.


  • Pick one night to play a game and focus on talking with one another.

    Ask questions before, during and after reading.

    Remove technology and distractions and focus on interacting.

    Engage your child in recognizing words in their everyday environment.

    Nighttime is the right time, to read a book.

    Take a trip to your local library.


    Talk about the book you read.

    Involve the whole family in reading.

    Promote reading through reading books yourself.

    Start early, even the youngest benefit from reading or listening to reading with a love one.