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    Introducing the Fort Bend Reads initiative! Our mission: empower our youngest learners and their families with essential early literacy skills beyond the classroom. Through parent engagement and community partnerships, the Literacy Department strives to boost children's listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities. We're here to meet the demand for at-home literacy resources and nurture lifelong readers.

Resources for Parents and Caregivers

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Summer Reading and Literacy Supports for Home

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"The Parent's Teacher" Podcast

  • About the Podcast

  • Episode 1 - Understanding Early Literacy Development

  • Episode 2 - How to talk to your child about those little books that come home

  • Episode 3 - New and Diverse Books that Interest Elementary Students

  • Episode 4 - Literacy Books and Genres Oh My!

  • Episode 5 - The Evolution of Spelling Instruction

  • Episode 6 - Keeping the Literacy Momentum Through the Summer

FBISD Reads Webinar - Coming Soon

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