Directional System

  • FBISD’s Core Beliefs and Commitments, Mission, Vision, District Goals and Priorities and the Profile of a Graduate, are approved by the Board, and guide all decision-making efforts in order to benefit each child in Fort Bend ISD. 

    Core Beliefs and Commitments

    1.  Core Belief: All students can reach their full potential.
        Commitment: FBISD will provide an educational system that will enable all students to reach their full potential.
    2. Core Belief: We believe student success is best achieved…
        A. …through effective teachers that inspire learning. 
        Commitment: FBISD will recruit, develop and retain effective teachers.
        B. …in a supportive climate and safe environment.
        Commitment: FBISD will provide a supportive climate and a safe learning/ working environment.
        C. …by empowered and effective leaders throughout the system.
        Commitment: FBISD will provide and promote leadership development at all levels.
        D. …in a well-functioning, high-performing community of learners.
        Commitment: FBISD will be a collaborative, efficient and effective learning community. 


    FBISD exists to inspire and equip all students to pursue futures beyond what they can imagine.


    Fort Bend ISD will graduate students who exhibit the attributes of the District’s Profile of a Graduate.

    District Goals and Objectives

    The Board of Trustees approved District Goals and Objectives that are used in the development of the FBISD Strategic Plan and campus improvement plans.

Strategic Framework

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