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    Partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships between the corporate sector and schools that support student achievement and campus goals. Partnerships are on-going, dynamic and rewarding for everyone involved. They help enrich the lives of students, which is not only good for the community, but also good for businesses.


    Quality schools impact businesses by helping to attract new residents and industry to Fort Bend County. Strong relationships between schools and businesses help develop a sense of community pride and enhance employee morale.

    Partnerships are valuable because they:

    • improve student motivation.
    • provide resources for curriculum development.
    • improve academic achievement in core subjects.
    • support the prevention of substance abuse.
    • reduce absenteeism/dropout rate.
    • provide funding/equipment to increase the use of technology in classrooms.
    • provide funding for equipment for extra-curricular activities, sponsorships, etc.
    • improve achievement in the arts and athletics, etc.
    • prepare our future workforce.

    Your partnership can help FBISD schools:

    • assist with after-school programs.
    • participate in mentoring programs.
    • serve as reading and math tutors.
    • provide programs and/or learning materials that reflect real-world applications of classroom subjects.
    • serve on Campus Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC).
    • serve as an event judge or Career Day Speaker.
    • provide in-kind support for programs/events.
    • conduct campus beautification projects.
    • donate funds to purchase awards for student achievement.
    • underwrite or assist with funding for a variety of campus and/or district-wide activities, events or programs.


    Incentive Distribution Guidelines


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