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Stakeholder Engagement


    Fort Bend ISD recognizes the importance of obtaining community input to address key topics and inform decision-making. We invite the community to participate in District committees and/or stakeholder engagement opportunities via a central application process. The application allows the community to complete one application and submit their interest in participating on a current or future District committee and/or stakeholder engagement opportunity.


    Staff is committed to providing equitable and valuable opportunities for the community to engage with the District.  A diverse group of cross-departmental District staff members will evaluate each application. All applicants will be contacted to indicate whether they have been selected to participate.  Selected applicants will receive additional information with next steps. 


    Topics of interest and their descriptions can be found below.



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Helpful Links

  • Report Volunteer Hours
  • Volunteer Criminal History Application
  • Central Application Platform Handbook
  • District Partnership Handbook
  • Shared Dreams Campus Volunteer Schedule 2023-2024
  • Parent Organizations/PTO
  • End-of-Year Report 2022-2023
  • Stop The Bleed Volunteer Training Video


  • Attendance Boundary Planning

  • Bond

  • District Calendar Planning

  • District Planning

  • Emergent Bilingual Programming

  • Gifted & Talented Programming

  • Language Proficiency Assessment

  • School Health

  • School Naming

  • School Rebuild

  • School Safety and Security

  • Special Education Programming

  • Strategic Planning

  • Student Discipline

  • Superintendent Parent Advisory Group