Accountability and Assessment

  • Department Overview


    The Department of Accountability and Asessment : 

    • Ensures District compliance with all aspects of state and federal accountability;
    • Analyzes and verifies data received from the Texas Education Agency;
    • Creates reports and supports campus and District administrators for continuous improvement.



    For Other Types of Assessment Questions:

    • Gifted and Talented (GT)—Please visit the Gifted and Talented department page.
    • Special Education and full individual evaluation information—Please visit the Special Education department page.
    • SAT/AP/ACT—Please contact your child’s campus and the counseling department on campus for questions about these exams.
    • Other assessments and tests given on campus—Please contact your child’s teacher or the campus counseling department directly.



General Inquiries
(281) 634-1933
Dr. Audra Ude
Executive Director of Accountability and Assessment
(281) 634-0293
Christopher Freeman
Director of Accountability and Assessment
(281) 634-4789