• District/Campus Ratings Overview

    The 2022 District and campus accountability results were released to the public August 15, 2022. Fort Bend ISD received an overall rating of B. FBISD did received an A for Domain 2A: Student Growth.  However, the District did not receive an overall A rating in Student Progress due to at least one campus receiving a scaled score below 70 in Student Progress resulting in Domain 2 being capped at 89.  For this reason, FBISD overall score for 2022 was an 89 equal to the last rating in the A-F Accountability System (2019).

  • Under the current accountability system, which assigns a letter grade to all public school campuses in each of the state’s domains, 74 of the FBISD’s 77 rated campuses received an A, B, or C with three campuses received a rating of “Not Rated: Senate Bill 1365”. Individual campus ratings can be found on Texas Education Agency 2023 Accountability Rating System website.

    Student Growth and Progress

    Fort Bend ISD campuses experience considerable growth in overall ratings compared to 2019, the last year ratings were provided.  The total number of campuses receiving a rating of A or B increased from 54 to 65.  Other notable areas of growth and progress include:

    • Hunters Glen Elementary, previously a Comprehensive Support campus, received an A overall including an A rating in Academic Growth and a score of 100 in Closing the Gaps.
    • Lantern Lane, previously a Comprehensive Support campus, received a B including an A in Academic Growth. 
    • Fort Bend ISD had 10 campuses to receive 100 rating in Closing the Gaps Domain.

    The following chart summarizes the 2022 A-F ratings for the 2021-22 school year:

    2022 Campus Overall Scores:

    • Elementary – 18 A-rated campuses, 29 B-rated campuses, 4 C-Rated campuses, 0 not-rated campuses

    • Secondary – 8 A-rated campuses, 10 B-rated campuses, 5 C-Rated campuses, 3 not-rated campuses

    • Total – 26 A-rated campuses, 39 B-rated campuses, 9 C-Rated campuses, 3 not-rated campuses


    Distinctions returned for 2022 with FBISD earning a total of 124 designations with 57% of eligible campuses receiving at least one Distinction.  Commonwealth Elementary, Walker Station and Fort Settlement Middle School received all available designations and outperformed their campus group as designated by TEA based on similar demographics. 


    More information about the A-F Accountability System can be found on Texas Education Agency website here under the Explanatory Materials and Resources section.