• Military Connected Families

    Fort Bend ISD welcomes military families. We are committed to supporting military-connected families by engaging students in relevant and inspiring instruction and promoting the resiliency necessary to manage military life. Any parent or guardian who is an active-duty or former member of any branch of Texas or United States armed forces can enroll children in the school district. 

    On average, military students will attend six to nine different school systems from kindergarten to 12th grade. Fort Bend ISD is here to aid in military family transitions into our community, including assisting in the transfer of student records and the general enrollment process. The linked district and community information resources below may be of assistance to incoming military-connected families. In addition, please reach out to your campus counselor (if already enrolled) or the district Military Connected Liaison for additional assistance and identifying services available to your student(s) and family.

    For new military-connected students enrolling without an official guardian due to a guardian's active deployment, please check with Fort Bend ISD Student Affairs for power of attorney enrollment. If you are a new or transitional military-connected student/family, please feel free to contact us concerning other available services. If you and your student are enrolling after the beginning of the school year, the district has accommodations in place for student tryouts after the start of the school year.  For assistance, please see the services and departments below and contact the District Military Connected Liaison if you require assistance.

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