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  • Fort Bend ISD seeks to provide for all students a high quality fine arts education that supports their academic, social, emotional, and creative development. This goal is achieved through a comprehensive performing and visual arts curriculum that provides a wide-range of learning experiences and performance opportunities. Courses are offered in elementary music and art, as well as secondary courses in art, band, choir, orchestra, dance, and theatre.

    Fine arts courses are structured in ways that promote the development of character, student leadership, and life-long learning. Each week, approximately 60,000 students district-wide participate in fine arts courses that offer students the opportunity to work collaboratively with their peers as part of a group. Responsibility, teamwork, and good citizenship are fostered as students learn to depend on one other to achieve organizational goals.


    The Fort Bend ISD Department of Fine Arts exists to inspire artistry and equip students to reach their full potential, thus creating opportunities without boundaries.



    FBISD Department of Fine Arts will provide innovative programming led by collaborative artist-teachers in a supportive environment that values excellence in all disciplines.


    Statement of Purpose

    The visual and performing arts are essential to a holistic education, fostering the innate artistic potential and cultivating the attributes of the FBISD Profile of a Graduate in all students. The arts support learners’ social and emotional well-being by inspiring courageous creative expression and celebrating diversity. As impassioned artist-teachers and professionals, we are committed to developing collaborative artistic leaders through an equitable, innovative, and rigorous curriculum.


    Core Beliefs and Commitments


    Core Belief 1: We believe all individuals possess innate artistic potential, which is best developed...

    …through the creative process.

    Commitment: FBISD Fine Arts will foster the creative process in all students.

    …in an environment of trust.

    Commitment: FBISD Fine Arts will ensure safe learning environments that encourage risk taking and individuality.

    …through opportunities for artistic expression.

    Commitment: FBISD Fine Arts will provide artistic opportunities for students to stretch and explore the full range of their abilities.


    Core Belief 2: We believe teaching a love for the Arts empowers students to develop skills for life, which is best accomplished…

    …by impassioned Artist-Teachers.

    Commitment: FBISD Fine Arts will recruit, develop, and retain teachers who will inspire a love for the Arts.

    …with the appropriate tools.

    Commitment: FBISD Fine Arts will provide resources to grow students creatively and artistically.

    …through effective teaching and learning.

    Commitment: FBISD Fine Arts will meet the artistic needs of a diverse population through effective instruction.

    …by cultivating the attributes of the Profile of a Graduate.

    Commitment: FBISD Fine Arts will nurture skills essential for future success through a rigorous Arts curriculum.

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