• What Students Should Know and Do for the 2020 AP Exams


    2020 AP Exams: Sending your Free Score Report to Your College

    • Students have until June 30 to request their Free Score Report to be sent to their college.
    • Sending official scores to the college is the only way to receive AP credit/placement.
    • For students to request their free AP score report to be sent to the college, students log into their MyAP account, go to My AP profile, and select “Send Scores”. From there, students can select which college to have the score report sent.


    2020 AP Exams Refund Information

    The College Board AP Program continued to process and assign exception testing dates for students through last week (June 12). Beginning this week (June 15), districts were provided instructions by College Board on how to identify a student who did not activate an AP Exam E-Ticket and will qualify for a refund. Campuses and the district will be working diligently during the next 2-3 weeks to verify each exam and the amounts due back to the students so that refunds can be issued. We will continue to update campuses on when qualifying students can expect to receive the refund.


    2020 AP Exams Update

    Taking AP Exams

    • AP Exams have been revised to about 45 minutes each and will be taken online, at home.
    • AP Exams are scheduled for May 11-22, with make-up testing June 1-5.
    • This year’s exams focus on content most teachers covered prior to March.
    • Colleges across the country are voicing strong support for students to complete the AP experience, take the exam, and receive the college credit they deserve.
    • Students who need help with access to a device or internet can let College Board know at http://cb.org/tech.
    • College Board will continue to provide accommodations on the AP exam for those students who have been approved through College Board.
    • For the 2020 administration only, College Board will allow students to cancel the AP Exam(s) for a full refund. A decision whether or not to take an AP exam does not need to be made at this time. All students that previously registered to take an AP exam will receive a test access code from College Board. A student choosing not to access the AP online exam on the assigned test date will be interpreted as a cancellation of the exam and a refund due. Campuses have provided a link to the AP Exam Refund Information Form. All requested refunds will be confirmed with College Board and processed after the AP exam administration window.
    • Per College Board, 2020 AP exam registration is closed for new registrations.
    • Calculus BC Students: no Calculus AB subscore will be available for 2020. College Board is allowing these students to request a one-time test change to Calculus AB. Campus AP Coordinators will send instructions on how to make that test request change before the April 18 campus deadline.

    Preparing for the AP Exam

    • On AP Central, students can see course specific information, including exam dates and times, descriptions of what they’ll be asked to do on their exam, and more; exam features; exam scoring; and exam security.
    • On YouTube, students can access daily, online AP classes and review at https://youtube.com/advancedplacement.
    • College Board will provide a test guide to students and teachers to explain, in detail, the test administration in late April.


    TIPS for taking the AP Exam


    Important Information for Taking the 2020 AP Exams

    • Students should carefully read the 2020 AP Testing Guide. It includes detailed information on the AP exam E-ticket, five steps students should take before exam day, tips for successfully completing the online AP exam, and exam score information.
    • May 4, College Board will provide a testing demo that students should use before the testing day. If students can’t access this demo, they’ll be unable to access the actual test without completing the troubleshooting steps.
    • AP Exams will only open in the latest versions of Chrome (preferred), Firefox, Safari, or Edge (Important: 2020 AP Exams won’t work in Internet Explorer)
    • Each AP exam has a specific start date and time based on the Eastern Time Zone- students will have to convert that time to the Central Time Zone for an accurate start time.
    • World Languages Exams: Students are required to have an iOS or android phone (tablet) and must download the free AP World Languages Exam App available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play store on May 11. Any student in need of a device should complete the following form by May 6: World Language Device Survey
    • Music Theory Exam: Students must print or copy by hand the Music Theory Answer Sheet and confirm their device has an audio recording app or software

    All AP Exam information can be found on the College Board AP Students page at https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students 

    New AP Process

    AP Exam registration will follow a new timeline beginning in 2019-20. College Board’s new registration timeline is based on research and feedback in helping teachers create a classroom culture where students are committed and engaged in both the course and AP exam.


    AP Exam Registration Timeline

    November 1, 2019          Deadline to register and pay deposit for AP Exams for fall and yearlong AP courses

    March 1, 2020                Deadline to register for spring semester AP Exams and make final payment of all AP exams

    All late registrations and cancellations will incur a $40 fee by College Board. Free and reduced students will incur a $23 fee for cancellation and are still subject to the $40 late registration fee by College Board.


    2020 AP Exam Fees

    • $94       each exam
    • $23       each exam (free & reduced lunch)
    • $142     Capstone AP Seminar and Research
    • $71       Capstone AP Seminar (free & reduced lunch)
    • $40       Late registration fee in addition to cost of exam
    • $40       Cancellation Fee for each exam
    • $23       Cancellation Fee (free & reduced lunch)

     Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch will require approval by the campus counselor prior to receiving the reduced testing fee. Students should not pay the fee until approved.


    Resources for the 2019-2020 Changes to AP




    • Students: if you’re taking AP® next year, make sure to set up your College Board account. https://cbaccount.collegeboard.org/iamweb/smartRegister?appId=292&DURL=https%3A%2F%2Fwww. collegeboard.org%2F


    • New AP® resources and processes are designed to help more students earn college credit and placement. Learn more. https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/pdf/ap-2019-students-parents-handout.pdf



    For more information regarding Advanced Placement testing, please contact the campus counselors.

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