Second Archeological Survey Finds No Human Remains at Site of Planned FBISD Elementary School

  • A second archeological survey that included extensive digging at the site of a new elementary school to be constructed in the Harvest Green community, has concluded there is no evidence of human remains or past burials at the site. The land is located on the east side of Harlem Road with its nearest boundaries being Harvest Garden Blvd. to the north and N. Jester Road to the south.

    The district took a year to conduct due diligence of the Harvest Green site before closing with seller Johnson Development. Johnson Development previously hired its own firm to conduct an extensive survey of the site. After reviewing the seller’s report, FBISD’s consultant Terracon concluded that the risk of remains being found at the site was very low. Nevertheless, FBISD commissioned Terracon to conduct a second comprehensive archaeological study that included additional fieldwork and digging. That study surpassed the scope of work done by the site’s previous owner. Both teams of researchers and surveyors arrived at the same findings: no evidence exists that human remains are on the property.

    Terracon’s final report has been submitted to the Texas Historical Commission for review. The process could take 30 days. Construction on the site will not begin until the district receives authorization from the historical commission.

About the Planned Elementary School

  • The new elementary school will be a 130,000 square foot modern learning space that features art and music rooms, spaces for collaborative and large group instruction, plus outdoor teaching areas and fenced in play zones. The campus will occupy 16 acres and cost $46 million using funds provided by the May 2023 bond. The as yet unnamed school will accommodate 1,000 students and is scheduled to open in August of 2026.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is the district trying to find the exact location of the cemetery?

  • Is the district trying to find the exact location of the cemetery?

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