Accountability Ratings

  • State Accountability Ratings

    The Texas Education Agency (TEA) released the new A-F accountability results regarding student performance in the 2017-18 school year, and for many public school districts in Texas, this involves A-F letter grades. However, because Fort Bend ISD is one of more than 100 school districts severely affected by Hurricane Harvey, our district received a Not Rated designation.

    Additionally, most of our campuses earned an overall rating of Met Standard, with the exception of four campuses.  Under the Hurricane Harvey Provision, these 4 campuses received a Not Rated label. 


    In the new Accountability System, campuses received a rating based on performance in three areas:

    • Student Achievement measures what students know and can do by the end of the year.  It includes results from state assessments across all subjects for all students, on both general and alternate assessments, College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) indicators, like AP and ACT results, and graduation rates.


    • School Progress measures how much better students are doing on the STAAR test this year versus last year, and how much better students are doing academically relative to schools with similar percentages of economically disadvantaged students.


    • Closing the Gaps looks at performance among student groups, including various racial/ethnic groups, socioeconomic backgrounds and other factors.


    Seventy percent of the accountability rating is based on the better of Student Achievement or Student Progress (whichever is better is the only performance measure counted). The remaining 30 percent is based on performance in the Closing the Gaps area. To learn more about the A-F accountability system, visit or

  • All
  • Elementary
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • All
  • Armstrong Elementary
  • Austin High School
  • Austin Parkway Elementary
  • Baines Middle School
  • Barrington Elementary
  • Blue Ridge Elementary
  • Bowie Middle School
  • Brazos Bend Elementary
  • Briargate Elementary
  • Burton Elementary
  • Bush High School
  • Clements High School
  • Colony Bend Elementary
  • Colony Meadows Elementary
  • Commonwealth Elementary
  • Cornerstone Elementary
  • Crockett Middle School
  • Drabek Elementary
  • Dulles Elementary
  • Dulles High School
  • Dulles Middle School
  • Elkins High School
  • First Colony Middle School
  • Fleming Elementary
  • Fort Settlement Middle School
  • Garcia Middle School
  • Glover Elementary
  • Goodman Elementary
  • Heritage Rose Elementary
  • Highlands Elementary
  • Hightower High School
  • Hodges Bend Middle School
  • Holley Elementary
  • Hunters Glen Elementary
  • Jones Elementary
  • Jordan Elementary
  • Kempner High School
  • Lake Olympia Middle School
  • Lakeview Elementary
  • Lantern Lane Elementary
  • Lexington Creek Elementary
  • Madden Elementary
  • Marshal High School
  • McAuliffe Middle School
  • Meadows Elementary
  • Mission Bend Elementary
  • Mission Glen Elementary
  • Mission West Elementary
  • Missouri City Middle School
  • Oakland Elementary
  • Oyster Creek Elementary
  • Palmer Elementary
  • Parks Elementary
  • Pecan Grove Elementary
  • Quail Valley Elementary
  • Quail Valley Middle School
  • Ridge Point High School
  • Ridgegate Elementary
  • Ridgemont Elementary
  • Sartartia Middle School
  • Scanlan Oaks Elementary
  • Schiff Elementary
  • Seguin Elementary
  • Settlers Way Elementary
  • Sienna Crossing Elementary
  • Sugar Land Middle School
  • Sugar Mill Elementary
  • Sullivan Elementary
  • Townewest Elementary
  • Travis High School
  • Walker Station Elementary
  • Willowridge High School
  • Distinctions

    In 2018, FBISD campuses earned a total of 134 distinctions in seven possible areas: 

    • Student Progress,
    • Closing Performance Gaps,
    • English Language Arts/Reading,
    • Math,
    • Science,
    • Social Studies, and
    • Post-Secondary Readiness.


    At the campus level 40 of 73 campuses earned one or more distinction designations, and 6 campuses earned all distinction designations for which they were eligible. A list of all campus distinctions is available in the Distinction Designations Summary.

  • School Report Card

    The school report card (SRC) combines accountability ratings, data from the Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR), and financial information to give a broad view of campus performance. Available for each campus in Texas, the SRC is intended specifically to inform parents and guardians about a school’s individual characteristics and its academic performance. Find the School Report Card for any campus or district via TEA.
  • Federal Report Card 

    The U.S. Department of Education requires each state to publish an annual report card with specific district and campus-level data. Find the Federal Report Card for any campus or district via TEA.
  • Accreditation Status 

    The Texas Education Agency awards an accreditation status to each public school district and charter school. The accreditation status is based on the academic accountability rating and financial ratings from the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas. A district or charter must be accredited by the state to operate as a public school, and Fort Bend ISD earned full accreditation status.  
    The accreditation system also examines performance in other areas such as data reporting, special program effectiveness, and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. Under the accreditation system, ratings of Accredited, Accredited-Warned, Accredited-Probation or Not Accredited-Revoked are issued. The status of a district or charter can be listed as pending if an investigation is under way. The TEA website has more information on the TEA accreditation system.
  • Texas School Accountability Dashboard

    The Texas School Accountability Dashboard makes it possible to find clear and concise accountability information and demographics for an individual school, an entire school district, or the state as a whole. It also allows anyone to easily compare districts or schools.
  • Texas Consolidated School Rating Report

    The Texas Consolidated School Rating Report (TCSR) combines the accountability rating, distinction designations, Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) rating, and community and student engagement rating for each district and campus in Texas.
  • Texas Performance Reporting System

    The Texas Performance Reporting System (TPRS) integrates state and federal reporting requirements. The most comprehensive state academic accountability report published by TEA, it combines information previously released in the state accountability reports, the Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR), and the School Report Card and includes results for student groups not previously reported.