Employee Leave Request Instructions

  • When an employee has been absent or anticipates being absent more than five consecutive work days, Fort Bend ISD requires an application for a District leave.

    Employee Request for Leave Steps:

    1.  An employee shall obtain leave forms from the Fort Bend ISD website.
    2. The employee completes and signs an Employee Request for Leave Application (DEC-E-2) and submits to leaves office. The supervisor will complete a DC-E-2 form placing the employee on leave.
    3. The employee has the attending physician complete and sign a medical certification form and submits it to the Leaves Office. (Forms not signed by the physician will be returned to the employee.) Click on the link below for the appropriate medical certification form:

    *Leaves are processed as quickly as possible. However, please note that we cannot process a leave without all required documents.*

    Employee Return from Leave Steps:

    1. The employee obtains a medical release and submits it to Human Resources (Leaves Office) five days before return to work. Employees will not be allowed to return to work without a release from the attending physician. All medical releases with restrictions/limitations must be reviewed by the Leaves Office before allowing the employee to return to work.The supervisor completes a DC-E-2 form returning the employee from leave and submits all paperwork to the Leaves Office.
    2. For questions regarding employee leaves, you may email us at Leaves.HR@fortbendisd.com , or fax to (281) 327-7777

      *Please note that employees will not be reactivated in the payroll system and may not receive paychecks without completion of the above steps.*

     Types of Leave  


    Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

    FMLA is for employees employed by the District for 12 months, and the employee has worked 1250 hours in the 12 months immediately preceding the need for leave. This leave is for maternity, illness of a member of the immediate family (mother, father, spouse, and children) or illness of self. The term parent does NOT include a parent “in-law”. The term son or daughter does include individuals 18 years or over, if they are “incapable of self-care” because of mental or physical disability that limits one or more of the “major life activities”.

    Maximum duration: 12 work weeks

    Temporary Disability Leave (TDL)

    This leave is only for full-time educators who have exhausted FML or have been with the District less than one year. This leave is for the illness of the employee only. Maximum duration: 180 calendar days

    Non-Discretionary Leave

    This type of leave allows very little or no advance planning and will be granted to employees in the same manner as sick leave. Salaried employees are required to report their absences in ReadySub. Hourly employees’ absences are entered into Kronos by the supervisor or entered on a timesheet.

    This leave may be used for the following reasons only:

    1. Employee illness
    2. Illness in the employee’s immediate family
    3. Family emergency (i.e., natural disasters or life-threatening situations)
    4. Death in the immediate family
    5. Childcare or adoption of a child
    6. Active military service

    Non-Discretionary Leave Request Form

    Other Leaves

    Please check Board Policy DEC (LOCAL) regarding the specifics on other leaves such as military.

    Important employee concerns

    FBISD does not offer paid leave. An employee is paid for any accrued state and local days. For instance, if an employee has 20 accrued days and is out for 24 days, then “sick leave” days will be taken from the accrued state and local leave days; hence, he/she will not be paid for 4 days. Contact your HR Advisor with any questions regarding leave days and/or salary information.

    Leaves Line  (281) 634-4608
     (281) 634-1283
     (281) 634-5290
     (281) 634-2811

    Catastrophic Illness Information

    Please contact the Leaves Department regarding the CIS benefit.

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