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    The Procurement Team is committed to providing the highest possible level of customer service and responsibility, accountability, and integrity.  We will strive for excellence in all that we do for the betterment of the school district and our community.


     Through our dedication and service to schools and departments, we will contribute to the educational attainment of each and every Fort Bend ISD student.
    Purchasing Department is operational, remotely, through email and phone.  We ask that you continue to monitor Purchasing correspondence on this website, on our bid portal and on Twitter @FBISDPurchasing. 
    On July 1, 2020, Fort Bend ISD transitioned to Bonfire electronic bidding system to manage suppliers & distribute and receive solicitations electronically.  Existing and potential suppliers wishing to do business with Fort Bend ISD must register within the electronic bidding system. 
    Please visit the FBISD Bonfire Portal Vendor Registration to register your business. Once registered you will receive automatic email notifications of solicitation opportunities based on the NIGP code selections.
    For more information on how to register and submit a solicitation through Bonfire, please watch the Registration & Submittal Video.
    For additional support and assistance with vendor registration and solicitation submittal, please select the links below:  
     Vendor Registration Registration Video Assistance   Current Solicitations Solicitations Awarded

    General Provisions for Purchasing Solicitations and Contracts

    The General Provisions are hereby issued in accordance with the laws, rules, and policies set forth through the Texas Education Code, Chapter 44 and Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD or "District") policy, and may be amended as required by FBISD.  Prospective Vendors are cautioned to read and understand the General Provisions set forth in this document prior to responding to a FBISD Solicitation.  Any exceptions to or failure to follow these General Provisions unless otherwise directed with the Solicitation, may be cause for a Vendors Solicitation Response to be deemed non-responsive and disqualified by FBISD.  These General Provisions will take precedence over the terms and conditions within the Solicitation when they are in conflict unless specific exception is noted within the Solicitation.
    Purchase Orders
    A properly drawn purchases order is required for all District purchases.  We appreciate your help with ensuring that goods are not shipped and services are not performed prior to receipt of a Purchase Order.  Our Purchase Order terms and conditions are at the link below.  The CFO's letter regarding properly drawn Purchase orders is letter.

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