• Small Business Enterprise Program – Testimonials


  • Robin Boykin
    Live Mobile Technology
    Russell Watkins
    Cybernetics Industries Inc
    Emilia Martel
    Duke Sys
  • “Even though I have been doing this for more than 15 years, I have learned several things from attending the workshops and networking with both corporate and small businesses. Since we have been coming and exhibiting at the workshops, we have secured contract awards. We have met great contacts through networking with the attendees.”

    Vikki McCullough

    The Spearhead Group Inc.


    “The meetings this year have been wonderful. Ms. Boleware has done a remarkable job helping so many people connect with the general contractors and other important companies that are partnering with Fort Bend ISD.”

    Jeanie Jacobs

    Accutek Technologies


    “The Small Business Enterprise monthly meetings and guidance has helped my organization submit three bids to Fort Bend ISD and has given me more opportunities outside of the District.”

    Chris Rhodes

    Project Execution 4 U


    “As a small business owner, I work with many entities and their personnel. I cannot say enough about the quality of the Small Business Enterprise Program and its team. The workshops are informative and educational, and they have helped my team become much more knowledgeable. Becoming a vendor through your Small Business Enterprise Program has increased my business opportunities, not only through Fort Bend ISD, but other districts as well.”

    Guylene Robertson Ed. D.

    PTO Sports & Recreation Construction


    “At E Contractors USA LLC, we’re all about making connections and building relationships between our professionals, subcontractors and clients. That’s why we regularly attend the Small Business Enterprise Program’s monthly workshops for opportunities like joint ventures, client leads and partnerships. This program has been very beneficial to our business as a general contractor.”

    Michael Doucette

    E Contractors USA LLC


    “On behalf of my colleagues and myself, we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve our community through the Small Business Enterprise Program and to attend the monthly workshops.”

    Yongmei Wu

    Chase Bank