Facilities Open for Public Use

  • To better utilize District facilities and resources, we have recommended recovery periods for facilities in order to maintain and preserve the life of those for our students. Because the District values the community partnership in which we stand together committed to the Fort Bend ISD mission, we do not want to, nor plan to, preclude the community's open use of FBISD facilities. The District will continue to allow community use of its facilities, but has implemented a public notice that lists all the facilities available for community use on our website.  The community will also see signage at District facilities that indicates the availability for that location.  If a facility is not listed as open or available, it has been determined by the District to close that facility due to reasons including, but not limited to, recovery, maintenance, scheduled renovation or other scheduled or approved use.  If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Assistant Director of Enterprise Funds at (281) 634-3327.

    List of Available Outdoor Facilities for Public Use

    Fort Bend ISD encourages the use of District facilities in a manner that best serves the needs of the community within the laws, rules and regulations that govern the operation of a public independent school district.  District facilities are designed for educational purposes and for that reason we ask all those who we share our facilities with to do so in a way that preserves their condition, providing a safe and healthy place for children to learn.  We ask that you please abide by all laws and policies when using our facilities and help us by placing trash in appropriate receptacles, be considerate of other patrons and avoid any activity that could damage or alter school property.

    2023-24 Available Facilities for Public Use