Multilingual Programs

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     Language Learner


    To ensure excellence in service for English learners (ELs).


    Partnering to equip and empower EL students by providing equitable access to all educational opportunities.



    Strategic Goals

    1. Implement and maintain communication systems.
    2. Build teacher capacity for those who teach ELs.
    3. Build cohesive relationships and partnerships.
    4. Improve the performance of ELs.
    5. Provide best-practice guidelines for PK-12 EL instruction.


Multilingual Contacts

Tinou (Angela) Tran, Ed.D.
Director of Multilingual Programs
(281) 634-0480
Sandra Ontiveros
Senior Administrative Associate
Teaching and Learning
(281) 634-1137
Youngmee Hsu
Multilingual Compliance Officer
(281) 634-1138
Melissa Vargas
World Languages Coordinator
(281) 634-1237
Sarah Martinez
Bilingual Program Coordinator
(281) 634-8448
Yady Blessinger
Bilingual Program Specialist
(281) 634-2638
Lili Dibai
Elementary ESL Coordinator
(281) 634-7999
Lee Glaesemann
Elementary ESL Coordinator
(281) 634-5803
Joël Johnson
Secondary ESL Coordinator
(281) 634-1365