Bilingual Spanish Education Program

  • Bilingual Spanish Education Program is a full-time program of instruction in which both Spanish and English are used to teach the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. The amount of instruction in each language is aligned with students’ level of proficiency in the native language and in English along with their level of academic achievement.

    The English development component of the instructional framework is designed to develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing

Eligibility Requirements

  • New students entering PreK – 5th grade whose Home Language Survey indicates that Spanish is spoken in the home or by the student are tested with an Oral Language Proficiency Test in English and in Spanish. If the results of the English OLPT indicate that student is not fluent, the student is then tested in Spanish. Consideration by the campus Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) for Bilingual program placement is based on the results of both the English and Spanish tests. Second through fifth grade students who are identified as fluent English speakers on the OLPT, but do not score above the 40th percentile in Reading and Language on the current standardized achievement test will be identified as limited-English proficient and will also be eligible to participate in the state required Bilingual program. Written parental approval is necessary before students can be placed in a Bilingual Spanish Education program.


    Bilingual Eligibility Requirements

    • Home Language Survey (HLS) indicates Spanish
    • Student is identified as an English learner (EL) through the single statewide assessment
    • Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) recommends Bilingual program placement  
    • Parent approves student participation in Bilingual program

Bilingual Contacts

Bilingual Program Coordinator
Bilingual Program Specialist

Elementary Bilingual Program Campuses

    • Arizona Fleming
    • Armstrong 
    • Early Literacy Center
    • Lula Bell Goodman  
    • Heritage Rose 
    • Mary Austin Holley 
    • E. A. Jones
    • Mission West
    • Ridgegate
    • Ridgemont 
    • Townewest

    To learn more about a specific campus please visit their campus website found at Campus Listing.