New Employee Orientation

  • As part of the Onboarding Experience into Fort Bend ISD, new employees will participate in New Employee Orientation. New Employee Orientation provides new employees with an understanding of the District’s history, mission, vision, goals, as well as policies and expectations. Emphasis is placed on providing excellent customer service


    You will be required to complete a New Employee Orientation (NEO).

    The NEO involves a two part process:

    • Face to Face Orientation
    • Post-Orientation 

    Face to Face Orientation

    The purpose of New Employee Orientation is to ensure a consistent message regarding the goals, mission, and culture of Fort Bend ISD.  During this process, our new employees become well informed of employment policies, procedures, and expectations.

    The face to face orientation will be scheduled by Human Resources the day an employee receives and accepts an offer for employment. Please make arrangements to attend the scheduled orientation and plan to remain for the entire duration. Late arrivals and/or early leaves may result in the individual being rescheduled for another session.

    Post Orientation

    For Post Orientation, please carefully read the instructions for each topic below to complete the mandatory tasks and forms. Please note some tasks must be completed within 30 days of the official start date.

    Human Resources Information

    Additional Human Resources Information


    Read and follow the directions below regarding Benefits within 30 days of your start date:

    Benefits Information

    1. Read through all of the information on the Benefits webpage.
    2. Log in to My Self Service to enroll for benefits. (Enrollment for all benefits with the exception of AFLAC, 403B’s, 457ESP’s are completed through My Self Service.) 

    (Click here for New Hire Benefits Enrollment Job Aid).   

    Please Note: Please submit the exception of the Evidence of Insurability form for employees to elect more than the guaranteed issue amount of $250,000 for the employee (5x’s salary must equal $250,000 to qualify) and more than $30,000 for spouse.

    Benefits Department

    Phone: (281) 634-1418


    Benefit Compliance Information

          Read the Compliance Documents (Annual Notices) 

    Workman's Compensation Video
          View the Workman's Compensation Video

    Information Technology

          Read the Internet Security Awareness Document.

    Internal Audit

    1. Read the Lighthouse document.
    2. Log onto the Conflict of Interest website using your district-issued network login information*.   Submit the Conflict of Interest electronic disclosure form within thirty (30) days of your start date.

    (NOTE: Contact the Customer Service Center at (281) 634-1300 or for assistance with network login.)