Are you considering a transition from a full-time position within FBISD to a substitute position?

    Great! Substitute teaching is a great way to continue to make a positive impact on students and support the district’s mission.

    If you are considering this change, please note the following:

    • Fort Bend ISD has a minimum requirement of 60 college hours for substitute teachers. When you submit your application, you will be required to upload college transcripts so that we can assign you the correct daily rate.
    • Fort Bend ISD Teacher Substitutes are not eligible for benefits. Please be aware that if you decide to move from a full-time (FTE) position to the Teacher Substitute position, you will lose your current benefits.
    • Fort Bend ISD Teacher Substitutes are expected to work a minimum of four assignments per month in order to maintain ACTIVE status. If you are unable to fulfill these expectations due to extenuating circumstances, please inform the Substitute Office why you are unable to work consistently and we will determine your eligibility to remain active in our system.
    • Please review the Teacher Substitute Pay Scale and other expectations of the position before making your decision to change positions. You can find this information on the FBISD Substitute webpage www.fortbendisd.com/subs.
    • If you are considering this transition at the end of the school year or during the summer months, you must submit the employment exit form through My Self Serve, apply for the Substitute position and go through the process before being able to substitute.  

    How to initiate the transition from a full-time position to a substitute position

    Once you have decided to transition to a substitute position, we ask that you allow your campus leader time to find a replacement. The transition to a substitute position is a multi-step process as you will need to be fully paid out of your current contract. You will also need to complete substitute paperwork, be fully established in the system as a substitute, and receive your substitute badge before you can start picking up substitute assignments.

    Step 1

    Inform your principal and direct supervisor of your intention to vacate your current position. Agree on last day worked in your role. (The Sub Office will let you know when you can start picking up substitute assignments)

    Step 2

    Email Susan Flessner in the Substitute Office regarding your intentions and apply to the Substitute job requisition in TALEO as an Internal candidate. Please ensure that your Official University/College Transcripts are uploaded showing your highest level of education, as this will determine your eligibility, category, and daily rate.

    Step 3

    Once your last day worked in your current position has been communicated by your Supervisor/Principal, the substitute office will initiate the Employee Change form. 

    Step 4

    The Substitute Office will communicate with you, via your FBISD email, regarding New Substitute Orientation (NSO) and other expectations of the position.

    IMPORTANT: You must receive your substitute badge and attend New Substitute Orientation before you can begin picking up substitute assignments. During NSO you will learn more about how to pickup assignments in ReadySub. You will also receive other important information about expectations and responsibilities that will ensure you are ready to serve our students and staff in FBISD.

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