Student Leadership

  •  Students participating in team building.

    What is Student Leadership?

    • Developing the leadership potential in all students through character education, various leadership development experiences, and community service.
    •  Helping students know they are critical leaders in the culture and climate of their campuses and community, leading to graduates who are successful and productive citizens in their communities and professions. 

    Why is it important?

    Learning is more practical and relevant when we involve students in direct experiences.

    • building relationships/networking 
    • making decisions
    • demonstrating trustworthiness and honesty
    • developing competency
    • generating innovative ideas
    • increasing confidence with communication
    • inspiring and being inspired by others
    • collaborating and problem-solving with others 

    Core Beliefs

    • All students, staff and parents have the potential to grow as leaders.
    • Effective leaders develop, inspire and invest in the next generation of leaders.
    • The culture and climate of our schools is a reflection of the hearts and minds of our team.  We must work from the inside out. 

    Programs we support

    • Student Leadership 101/102
    • Student Voice Advisory Network
    • Global Initiative
    • Ropes Program
    • Campus Leadership Programs:
      • Student Council
      • National Honor Societies
      • Peer Assistance & Leadership Programs (PALs)
      • Teen Leadership
      • No Place for Hate

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