Boundary Planning and Enrollment Management

  • The Board believes the District exists to provide educational opportunities to help all students reach their full potential and pursue futures beyond what they can imagine. As long as District educational services rely heavily on buildings and facilities, school attendance boundaries will exist to provide structure for educational pathways for students.  A student-centered approach, considering the unique needs of the students on each campus will be utilized to design school attendance boundaries and locate programming in a way that demonstrates equitable, effective, and efficient use of District facilities. Programming decisions will be made by administration to meet student needs and enable the efficient use of facilities.


  • Annually, administration will conduct an annual enrollment review including student enrollment data, updated enrollment projections, current campus utilization, an analysis of current zoned enrollment, current academic program enrollment, design capacity of each facility, student transportation information, demographic composition of each school, and relevant student achievement data.  This review supports planning for efficient building utilization, which may require enrollment management strategies such as capping enrollment at a school, relocating an academic program, utilizing portable classrooms, and limiting or encouraging student transfers. Information about current enrollment management plans is located on the following page:

    Enrollment Management –


    The purpose of the facilities planning process is to engage as a collaborative community with students, staff, parents and community members in addressing the District’s facility and programmatic needs while ensuring building utilization supports the District’s Strategic Framework. The Facilities Master Plan Update includes an update on progress toward implementing recommendations approved by the Board, including recommendations to construct new schools, draw new attendance boundaries, and develop new instructional programs that would improve achievement and increase utilization at underutilized schools.  Information about the Facilities Master Plan is located on the following page:

    Facilities Master Plan –

    School attendance boundaries could change when a new school is needed, a need to balance enrollment exists, or when it is determined to be in the best interest of students. This section provides an overview and breakdown of the school attendance boundary process.  The school attendance boundary change process includes the development of attendance boundary options by District leaders based on data, including demographic information, school design capacity, and school utilization factors. This process also includes input and guidance from the School Boundary Oversight Committee (SBOC), comprised of parents and community members.  More information about the attendance boundary process ison the following page:

    Attendance Boundary Planning and School Boundary Oversight Committee (SBOC) –


    Following SBOC and community input, final attendance boundary recommendations will be presented to the Board for consideration.  School attendance boundaries will be established by the Board upon recommendation of the Superintendent.  Information about current attendance boundaries may be located at the following page:

    Current Attendance Boundaries –