• School Boundary Change Process



    School attendance boundaries could change when a new school is needed, a need to balance enrollment exists, or when it is determined to be in the best interest of students. This section provides an overview and breakdown of the school attendance boundary process.  The school attendance boundary change process includes the development of attendance boundary options by District leaders based on data, including demographic information, school design capacity, and school utilization factors.

      Data Collected

      • Demographic Update

      • Annual Enrollment Review

      • Facilities Master Plan

      Boundary Change Process

      • 1. Initial Presentation to the Board

      • 2. Presentation of Original Recommendations to School Boundary Oversight Committee (SBOC)

      • 3. Develop Proposed Recommendations

      • 4. Preliminary Report Presentation to the Board

      • 5. Public Hearings

      • 6. Updated Recommendations

      • 7. Final Recommendations and Report

      • 8. Final Report Presentation to the Board and Board Action

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