Teaching and Learning

  • Fort Bend ISD is committed to coordinating the written, taught and tested curriculum. To accomplish the District goals and objectives, the curriculum and instructional program will:
    1. Provide viable curriculum for each content area 
    2. Provide training and support for high-impact, high-yield instruction 
    3. Provide and support the use of high quality assessments


    Written Curriculum

    Written curriculum includes curriculum guides and lesson plans. Written curriculum materials are available online through the District's curriculum management system.


    Taught Curriculum

    Teachers follow the courses of study and instructional materials provided by the District, the essential knowledge and skills for each subject mandated by the state, and the scope and sequence developed by curriculum writers and reviewed by other teachers.

    Tested Curriculum

    Teacher-made tests, district assessments and state assessments are congruent with what is written and taught. Teachers and administrators use test results to assess the status of individual student achievement, to identify general achievement trends of various groups of students, and to modify curriculum and/or instruction as warranted by assessment results.


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Teaching and Learning Contacts

Executive Director Teaching and Learning
Director of Literacy
Director of STEM
Director Gifted and Talented
Director of Multilingual Programs

Teaching and Learning Connection

  • Teaching and Learning Connection was developed to provide FBISD teachers and staff an opportunity to provide input, ask questions and/or share concerns regarding the new curriculum and learning management system. Click below to provide feedback.

    Teaching and Learning Connection