STEM Department

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    In Fort Bend ISD STEM programs serve students in grades EC - 12. Students take a variety of foundation and enrichment courses. The core curriculum includes math, science, and technology courses.  

    Students participate in state testing at various grade levels. The State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) includes the following grade levels and tests.

    • 3rd Grade - Math
    • 4th Grade - Math
    • 5th Grade - Math, Science
    • 6th Grade - Math, Reading
    • 7th Grade - Math, Reading, Writing
    • 8th Grade - Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies
    • High School End-of-Course tests (EOC's):

                      Algebra I
                      English I
                      English II
                      U.S. History


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Assistant Director of STEM

Assistant Director of STEM