FBISD Robotic and Coding Competition Information

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    The FBISD Robotics Competition is a robo challenge where campus teams compete separately on identical competition areas. Teams work to complete their tasks as efficiently and effectively as possible. The robot is the cornerstone of the competition. Teams are given the game rules and contest mat and materials in advance. Teams design, build a prototype, program, and test their robots prior to the competition date.  Teams compete virtually in February using the completed robots. If necessary, the top teams complete a second round of competition to decide on a champion. All robots must be built and programmed by students with sponsors or mentors serving only as advisors.


    The theme for 2021 is "Life Reimagined with Robotics." Students will explore how robots can be used in everday life. The competition mat represents their house and areas of the mat are rooms such as a bedroom, kitchen, and garage.  Obstacles will be placed on the mat that represent people, pets, and other items that would be found in a house.


    Important Note: For both the elementary and middle school competitions, schools may only use the Lego Space Challenge set and the EV3 (5003400) provided by the district.


    2020-21 Robotics Competition Overview (updated 12/16/20)

    2020-21 Robotics Competition Scoring Guide (posted 2/4/2021)


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    Video Game or Animation

    The theme for the 2020-2021 Coding Competition will also be "Life Reimagined with Robotics." Consider all the ways that robots and robotics have changed our lives. From surgery to food deliveryrobots have changed how we now view ordinary tasks. Your team will earn points for incorporating the theme in a way where robots play a role in the project.  For example, in an animation there could be a robot character that fits into the story or in a video game they may be the playable character or villain.  The way the theme is incorporated is open but should flow and not seem like the robot is an afterthought in the project. Participants will use Scratch or other coding software to develop an E-rated, school appropriate animation or video game project.  The project should be interesting and visually appealing.  Please see the competition details for more information.


    2020-21 Coding Competition Overview (posted 11/4/20)


    Coding Art

    New this year is a coding art challenge for Elementary and Middle School.  Students may use a coding software such as Turtle Art or Scratch to design a work of art that incorporates the theme.  The art must using coding to be completed and not be art created in something such as paint.  Please see the Coding Art Overview for more information.


    2020-21 Coding Art Competition Overview (posted 11/9/20)


    Projects for the Coding Competitions will be submitted via a Schoology Course.  Please join the course using join code SV2K-GNV8-J25ZG.  There are folders based on levels in the course and then an assignment with an example portfolio and directions for the animation, video game, or art submission. The deadline for submitting projects has been extended from February 25, 2021 to March 3rd, 2021.