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    FBISD Literacy Philosophy

    Literacy is a recursive, continuous process involving the intentional use of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and thinking to develop the critical analysis skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century classroom and beyond. Our goal is to cultivate and strengthen literacy skills by fostering collaborative communities of authentic readers and writers who can effect social change.

    FBISD Literacy Beliefs

    Literacy is a fundamental lifelong right that is a foundation for all learning. In FBISD, we believe…

    • Schools, families, and the community are integral partners in the literacy development of ALL learners.
    • ALL learners have daily opportunities for listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking through authentic, meaningful, and relevant learning experiences.
    • ALL learners are provided a safe, literacy-rich environment that fosters student voice, choice, and ownership.
    • ALL learners have access to a variety of high interest, culturally relevant texts to read, reflect, and respond as global citizens.
    • ALL learners have the right to be equipped with literacy skills in order to think critically as lifelong learners.
    • Educators need high quality, research-based learning around literacy best practices to meet the needs of ALL learners.

    Each course includes an overview that reflects the sequence for the course.  Overviews are determined by the District and reflect alignment to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

ELA Public Overviews

Summer Reading

  • The purpose of summer reading in Fort Bend ISD is to engage students in an enjoyable reading experience that maintains and fosters literacy.

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Literacy Intervention

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