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English in Fort Bend ISD

Literacy Core Belief, K-12:  Fort Bend ISD believes in a blended approach to English Language Arts instruction that is built upon the implementation of the Reading and Writing Workshop.  To this end, each curriculum unit provides suggestions for how to blend the five strands of the English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) TEKS: Reading, Writing, Oral and Written Conventions, Research, and Listening and Speaking, as well as requirements for incorporating a variety of genres, to the unit focus. 

Summer Reading

The purpose of summer reading in Fort Bend ISD is to engage students in an enjoyable reading experience that maintains and fosters literacy.


Course At A Glance

Each course includes an at-a-glance document. This tool reflects the sequence of units for each course. Units are determined by the district and are aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.


Middle School ELA  

Sixth Grade ELA
Seventh Grade ELA
Eighth Grade ELA
 LiteracySeventh Grade Pre-AP Eighth Grade Pre-AP 

High School English

 English I  English I Pre-AP
 English IIEnglish II Pre-AP
 English III
 English III AP        
 English IV English IV AP        
 College Now English Debate I, II, III        
 College Preparatory English         

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