Campuses Implementing Standards Based Grading

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    FBISD Grading Philosophy

    The Board believes in developing students as owners of their learning. To promote student ownership and ensure academic integrity, grades communicate first to students and second to parents and other educational partners each student’s progress toward fulfilling the District’s Vision.

    To align the grading philosophy and curriculum supports, in 2018-2019 FBISD launched a Grading Pilot in grades 2 - 8. The initial pilot led to a refinement of Standards-Based Grading in PreK-1st grades. For PreK-1st grading guidelines, visit PreK-1st Grade Standards-Based Grading website.

    What is Standards-Based Grading in FBISD?

    Certain campuses implement a Standards-Based Grading system in grades 2-8. This system changes the way that teachers give feedback related to student progress. Instead of using percentage grades, teachers will provide feedback on competencies that reflect grade-level standards.  Students’ report cards clearly communicate academic progress.

Changing from a Traditional Grading System to a Standards-Based System

  • Why?

    • FBISD believes grades should reflect learning and progress, not completion or compliance.

    Why now?

    • FBISD educators have a unique opportunity because our Board's goals support student ownership of learning and standards-based grading provides an avenue to reach this goal.

    FBISD District Goals

Who is Participating in Standards-Based Grading?

  • On identified campuses, certain grade-levels and subject areas are implementing Standards-Based Grading. Campus leaders will communicate with parents of students who are enrolled in classes using Standards-Based Grading.

Standards-Based Grading Contact

  • For questions related to Standards-Based Grading, please contact the Teaching and Learning Division at 281-634-8454.

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