Standards Based Grading: Understanding Your Child's Grades

  • The standards-based grading system cannot be correlated with the traditional A-F grading scale.  Each proficiency level in the progression defines the knowledge and skills that students will master on their pathway to proficiency. The marks (DV, PG, PF, AV) describe a student's proficiency level for a competency.  The grade level target is Proficient (PF). When a student reaches Proficient (PF), he or she has met the grade level expectations for that competency.


    When your child receives a mark of...

    Insufficient Evidence










    What you know

    Did not complete enough work for the teacher to determine which level the student is demonstrating

    Needs additional time and practice

    Almost there

    Met Grade Level Expectation

    In-depth understanding

    Possible action

    Check-in with teacher about missing work

    Pay close attention/provide support

    Monitor progress


    Reinforce learning


    Seek enrichment


    Questions for my child

    What assignments are you missing?

    Why are you missing the assignment? (forgot, too hard, confused, etc.)

    What are you learning?

    Where are you confident? Where do you need support?

    What are you learning?

    What skill are you working on? How can I help?


    What are you learning?

    How do you know when you are successful?


    What are you learning?

    How can you apply this learning?


    Possible questions for my child’s teacher

    Where can we access the assignment or an alternate assignment?

    What skill or topic should we focus on?

    What types of intervention are available?

    How can I support my child’s understanding?



    How can I reinforce this learning at home?



    How can we enrich my child’s learning?




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