• Fort Bend ISD Student Observations


    FBISD is accepting observation hours


    Fort Bend ISD continues to support institutions, community colleges and ACP programs by providing observation hours for their education candidates. If you want to experience all that FBISD has to offer, please consider doing your observation hours in FBISD.


    “I feel the district shares the same philosophy I have for children. I am deeply passionate in the development of the whole child with respect to their emotional, physical, social, and cognitive development. In respect to the field observations, I could not be more satisfied…I could not have found a more streamlined process! From HR to the campus personnel and teachers, everyone has been so welcoming and accommodating. Considering what this past year has brought, I deeply appreciate to see a school district’s willingness to help another complete the final steps of their certification journey.”  - Spring 2021 student observer


    Student observers have the opportunity to observe all grade levels in a variety of content areas. Observation hours focus on the following criteria and experiences:


    • Best practices
    • Pedagogy
    • Classroom management styles
    • Content
    • The FBISD culture
    • FBISD campus pride
    • The FBISD family atmosphere


    Please do not contact campuses, principals or teachers directly.


    Student Observation Process:


    • Complete an online form: Student Observer Form (Incomplete forms will NOT be processed)
    • Complete a background check
    • Once your background check clears, an email is sent out with further directions
    • DO NOT CONTACT CAMPUSES - You will be assigned a campus
    • Complete a survey upon completion of observation hours
    • Observation hours end prior to state and/or district exams or until all open slots are filled


    Please contact Deb Erhart (Debra.erhart@fortbendisd.com) if you have any questions.