• Student Observation Hours

    Thank you for your interest in participating in the student observation program at Fort Bend ISD. We look forward to building a positive partnership with you to support you in your pathway towards teacher certification! It is our goal that this experience will leave a positive impact on you, leading you to consider Fort Bend ISD for your student teaching and future career opportunities.


    Applying for Student Observation Hours

    Please read the following and then go to the link below to complete your student observation request.

    Read and answer the questions accurately. If you accidently answer a question incorrectly your application could be rejected.

    • Please take your time and be diligent, ensuring you are providing the most accurate information possible. This information will help us to provide you with the placement for observations to best meet the needs of your specific program.  
    • Observation hours are assigned in full day or half-day time increments (AM or PM) if you do not need the full time slot you may opt to attend only the needed time.  Please communicate with observation facilitator when you arrive at your assigned time or email FBISDInduction&Mentorship@fortbendisd.com  if you plan to divert from the time assigned, so they may plan accordingly. The schedules for observation windows are listed below: 


    Elementary Schedules: 

    AM – 8AM - 11:30 AM 

    PM - 11:30AM - 3:00 PM 

    Middle School Schedules: 

    AM - 9AM - 12PM 

    PM - 12PM - 4PM 

    High School Schedules: 

    AM - 7:30AM - 11AM 

    PM - 11AM - 2PM 

    Observations will be offered during the following windows: 

    • Round 1- Jan 30-Feb 3 
    • Round 2- February 6-10 
    • Round 3-March 6-10 
    • Round 4- March 27-31 


    • Once you make your selections, you should receive your placements by Thursday of the week before each round, if no challenges occur with your background check.
    • Please remember, this is a professional work environment, and this is your opportunity to build positive relationships with your future employers.  Remember to utilize professional communication methods and language in all interactions.  Further, you will want to demonstrate professionalism by notifying FBISDInduction&Mentorship@fortbendisd.com  with at least 24-hour notice if you will be unable to fulfill the assigned time slots. 
    • Please review the quadrant map to determine which quadrant or quadrants you would like to observe in at Quadrant Map Not all quadrants will be offered in each round so consider a first and second choice or put no preference.
    • Apply to for Student Observation Hours


    Email FBISDInduction&Mentorship@fortbendisd.com if you have specific requirements like presenting a lesson, etc.

    Important :

    Fall Observations Applications/ Requests start near the beginning of the fall semester and end around the end of October to provide students and teachers the opportunity to prepare for finals and the end of the semester. 

    Spring Observations Applications/ Requests start near the beginning of the spring semester and end in March.

    Email Debra.erhart@fortbendisd.com  with your questions or concerns regarding background checks.