• Student Observation Hours Procedure

    Thank you for selecting Fort Bend ISD to complete your observations hours. Please complete the following steps to ensure we have all the information needed for your observation placement.

    NOTE: Observation Hour requests are valid for the semester they are requested ONLY.

    Step 1:

    Step 2:

      • Apply to the Student Observation Application. This will also create a background check if needed.
      • You will receive an electronic communication from Fort Bend ISD within 48 hours of submitting the background check form.

    Submission of ALL requirements need to be completed prior to HR clearance for our Professional Learning Department Placement for your observation hours.

    Step 3:

      • Once processed you will receive an email regarding your dates/time and placement for observations hours.

    Step 4:

      • Provided the designated campus with the email placement you receive. Sometimes their receptionist is unaware of the placement, be patient.

    When observing, please follow the guidelines below:

    I agree to:

      • only observe at campuses I am assigned to on the dates/times I am assigned
      • follow all campus guidelines, policies, and procedures
      • arrive at the campus healthy (High temperature, Covid, flu, etc..)
      • not take pictures, text, talk on my cellphone
      • not disturb any classroom, student, teacher, etc.
      • leave the campus calmly if dismissed from a campus for inappropriate behavior, dress, etc.
      • treat all campus staff and teachers with respect
      • wear professional clothing
      • act professional (no swearing, screaming, disrupting, etc.)
      • keep confidential information confidential
      • TO NOT OBSERVE MY child or relative or neighbor's classroom

    DO NOT CONTACT TEACHERS, PRINCIPALS, or CAMPUSES directly. Human Resources process all requests.

    Important Dates:

    We do our best to place completed requests made prior to the closing date. Campuses are closed during testing, finals, and other days determined by the campus. We do our best to place late requests if possible.

    Spring Observations application/ Requests- beginning the second week of the spring semester through the beginning of March.