Student Observation Hours Procedure

  • Student Observation Hours Procedure

    If you would like to fulfill your University or ACP observation hours with Fort Bend ISD to satisfy college course requirements, you MUST complete the following:

     Step 1: Submit an online criminal history application form by filling out a Criminal History Application.

    • You will receive an electronic communication from Fort Bend ISD within 48 hours of submitting the background check form. Clearance and submission of all requirements prior to HR approval prior to beginning observation hours.

    Step 2: Submit the following forms to Deb Erhart


    Step 3: Once processed you will receive an approval email from Human Resources stating the hours requested and the campus providing observation hours.


    Important Dates:

    There are a limited number of slots for Student Observers, taken in order of application. All forms emailed to Deb Erhart and a background check must be completed and cleared for your application considered complete.


    Fall Observations Applications/ Requests – beginning of the fall semester through the second week in September or until the slots are full.


    Spring Observations application/ Requests- beginning the second week of the spring semester through the beginning of February.


    Do not contact the campus principals or teachers directly. All observation requests are processed by Human Resources.