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    All FBISD substitutes are required to complete a thorough background check, including fingerprinting, prior to an official job offer. Once you are hired, you’ll also receive training and resources to help you in your new journey as an FBISD substitute! As part of Fort Bend ISD's ongoing efforts to provide an educational system that allows all students to reach their full potential, FBISD is offering a pay incentive for all campus-based Substitute Teachers during the 2021 Fall Semester.   


    Effective August 11 - December 17, 2021, all new and existing FBISD Teacher Substitutes will receive an additional $25 added to their daily rate, amounting to up to $125 each week. This incentive will automatically be added to Substitute Teacher’s daily pay. All existing substitutes are encouraged to check their ReadySub account each day for substitute opportunities. Please see the compensation tables below for incentive details.

      • Additional Information

        • Substitute Teachers are not eligible for employee wage and health benefits.
        • Substitute Teachers are not eligible for unemployment compensation during school holidays and/or breaks including summer breaks.


        Recruitment Survey and Orientation Timeline


        FBISD’s Sub Office will process all applications as they are submitted. All candidates who meet requirements will receive a recruitment survey in accordance with the Recruitment Survey & Orientation Timeline. It is important that you complete the survey in a timely manner in order to avoid any delays in the hiring process. Please note that completion of the survey does not automatically guarantee your invitation to New Substitute Orientation (NSO), as you must meet all requirements and complete hiring tasks. Therefore, please check your email inbox and/or spam folder for communication from the Sub Office.


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        Step 7: Attend New Substitute Orientation



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