• Our Mission - The Department of Collaborative Communities will create and foster mutually beneficial partnerships with stakeholders that support and enrich student achievement and success.


    While our district and community is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Collaborative Communities Department and Shared Dreams have shifted priorities to support our community’s most immediate needs. A significant focus will continue to be on partnerships; with a primary focus on food distributions and toiletry drives to give back to our community most in need. Ways you can help support these efforts include: 


    1.  Volunteering to help with food distribution efforts in partnership with the

         Houston Food Bank.


    2.  Donating the following toiletry items:

         o   Shampoo

         o   Conditioner

         o   Body wash

         o   Male and female deodorant

         o   Hairbrushes

         o   Combs

         o   Toothpaste

         o   Toilet paper

         o   Paper towels


       Items can be donated and delivered to Shared Dreams every Tuesday 

       during the month of August from 10 AM to 2 PM.



    Please contact Bobbie Anderson, Community Engagement Liaison, for questions and/or coordination of toiletry drop-offs at bobbie.anderson@fortbendisd.com or 281-634-2916.


    Thank you for your continued support. We value your contribution to the community.


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