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Partnerships Make an Impact

  • Partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships between corporate entities, local businesses, community-based organizations and / or health institutions and schools that support student achievement and District goals. Partnerships are valuable because they can empower students, provide necessary resources and supports to ultimately improve grades, reduce absenteeism, improve behavior and fund areas of high need for students.

    If your organization is interested in partnering with the District, please complete the FBISD Partnership Interest Form and Collaborative Communities will contact you.  

  • Impact Summary

  • Strategy and execution with a clear line of sight was key in successfully reaching our primary goal—reaching more students and providing them with rich experiences and needed supports throughout the academic school year. As a result of Collaborative Communities strategic prioritization and visioning efforts, thousands of students have been impacted through the variety of programs and initiatives led by the department.  The following provides a snapshot of the 2022-2023 highlights.  

    2022-2023 Impact

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