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    Research shows that students with a mentor are 52% less likely to skip a day of school, 78% more likely to volunteer in their community, and 130% more likely to hold leadership positions in school activities (mentoring.org).  Fort Bend ISD students who have had a mentor in their life had fewer disciplinary infractions, increased attendance rates, and higher levels of academic success.

    During the 2021-2022 school year the following mentor results were achieved:

    • Absenteeism rates decreased by 12%
    • Average instructional reading level increased by 16%
    • Disciplinary referrals decreased by 17%.

    Fort Bend ISD uses three different mentor models where all mentors meet with mentees for approximately 30 minutes, once a week:

           Community to Student: Trained community members are matched with a student at an elementary school               where mentors spend time reading developmentally appropriate books with their mentees.

           District to Student: This model, known as the All-In Mentoring Program, entails District employees mentoring         a select group of students at a designated campus to provide literacy support in partnership with the campus           team.                                                                                                                           

           Peer-to-Peer: This model entails either high school upperclassmen mentor freshmen students or middle                   school 8th graders who mentor 6th grade students. The focus of peer mentoring is social-emotional health,               decision-making skills, and a successful transition from each grade level.

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    2. Attend mentor training
    3. Complete the required volunteer criminal history application


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