Criminal History Procedure - Volunteers

  • Applies to (but not limited to)…parent & community volunteers, field trips, class parties, chaperones, mentors/tutors, interns, Shared Dreams volunteers, Junior Achievement, PTO/PTA Executive Board, Booster Club members, ProGrad.

    Directions to Register

    Effective March 01, 2021 FBISD has transitioned to Taleo, our new applicant tracking system. All volunteer applicants will be required to create a new profile in Taleo. Please follow the directions below to create a new user account. 

    New Users

    1. Select Volunteer Application
    2. Click "Apply" to register and create a User ID and password
    3. Complete applicant registration information. (Write down your User ID and Password)
    4. Click ‘Submit Registration Form’

    Returning Users - If you have already created an account in Taleo after March 01, 2021

    Returning Users (Directions to Complete or Update)
    1. Select Volunteer Application
    2. Log in using the User ID and Password you created on the registration page

    All applicants completing a criminal history application receive an email with the approved or not approved status within three to five business days after application submission. Upon receipt of an ‘approved’ status email, feel free to contact your desired campus(es).