• Inflation Adjusted Operating Costs

    This information shows the expenditures per student as adjusted for annual inflation factors.


      Inflation Adjusted Operating Costs


    Expenditures per Student

    This comparison presents the expenditures per student as reflected in the district's 2016-17 audited financial statements as compared to peer districts. 
     Expenditures per student


    Total Staff & Average Enrollment

     This chart represents the total staff of the district as compared to student enrollment.
     Ttl Average Enrollment

    Pupil per Staff & Pupil per Teacher

    This chart shows the ratios of teachers and total staff to student enrollment. 


     Pupil per Teacher/Staff

     Employees per Pupil by Group

    This chart details the portion of the overall staffing of the district between four primary types of employees -- teachers, auxiliary staff (custodial and cafeteria staff), professional support, educational aides, and administration.  
     Employee per Pupil by Group