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Texas Reading Academies Overview

  • Fort Bend ISD Designated as House Bill 3 Reading Academies Authorized Provider

    In June of 2019, the 86th Legislature of Texas passed House Bill 3, which encompasses several reforms for the budget and finance of Texas Education.  Impacted by this new bill is the new mandate for all Kindergarten through Third Grade Teachers and Principals to complete Texas Reading Academies, steeped in the Science of Teaching Reading, by 2023.  As a forerunner in education and an instructional leader for the state of Texas, Fort Bend ISD became an authorized provider for Texas Reading Academies Implementation through TEA’s approval process.

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    FBISD is looking forward to not only impacting students within our own district but throughout the region.  We believe teachers who have a stronger capacity to support primary literacy development will result in increased student success.  We know that success in reading launches students to achieve success in futures beyond what we can imagine.  As an authorized provider, we look forward to working with your organization to help you achieve greater student success, too!  For more information about how you can utilize Fort Bend ISD directly or via local implementation for Texas Reading Academies please view the resources below. 


    Fort Bend ISD as a State-Wide Instructional Leader

    With the unexpected circumstances surrounding COVID-19, our plan for implementing Texas Reading Academies here in Fort Bend has been revised to meet the needs of the unique situation we face and the uncertainty of the next few months.  We’ve decided to reduce the number of participants and focus on our district literacy leaders, including school and district leaders, as we begin our first year of implementation in July 2020.  With this strategy, we can build capacity in our district leaders to increase our ability to support larger numbers of participants both within and outside of Fort Bend, in future years of implementation.  Leaders and Teachers will be notified by early May 2020 of their required participation in this learning over the 2020-2021 school year.  FBISD will begin sharing opportunities for partnership in implementation of HB3 Texas Reading Academies with other districts in May.

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    Fort Bend ISD is prepared to provide support to our partner schools in the areas of staff expertise in balanced literacy and the Science of Teaching Reading, by dedicated bilingual support staff trained in best practices for building strong biliteracy instruction, targeted technical support with a designated data analyst to support Reading Academies, and a strategic timeline for cohort support.  We are prepared to provide consulting, training, and monitoring for districts we collaborate with for supporting your reading academies.


    LEA Decision Points

    Districts have options to choose how they would like to utilize FBISD as an Authorized Provider to complete this state mandated training.  See the chart below which details the options of working with FBISD directly or via local implementation. Districts interested in collaborating with FBISD as an authorized provider using local implementation must enter a memorandum of understanding (MOU)Please see the attachments below or watch the recorded webinar for more details. We look forward to partnering with you and your district to achieve success in literacy. 


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